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Bone Grafting

When we loose our teeth, we not only loose the teeth but also support bone and gums. The bone loss process is continuous after the loss of teeth. It does not stop. Hence longer the time period after tooth loss, more is the bone loss. Gums become narrow and short due to underlying bone loss. Also this bone loss can be reflected on our face giving us a sunken, aged look.

Implant placement in thin , narrow bone is difficult or sometimes impossible. In such cases, bone has to be grown to a certain thickness so that implant placement can be done. This can be done by bone grafting procedure where we add bone or bone substitute to the thin bone in order to gain height and thickness. Implants can be placed at the same time or a few months after the bone grafting procedure. Bone grafting is not 100 percent predictable procedure. We at Pristine dental use all the advanced techniques and latest biomaterials (PRF, PRP, bone protein BMP ) to get the predictable result.


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