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Same Day Dental Implants

Traditionally Implant treatment is done in two sessions. At the first session, implant placement is done. The second visit is scheduled after 3-6 months to allow for implants to integrate with the bone. In the second session, teeth are anchored on the implants. During the healing period, temporary removable teeth are placed so that one can continue with the daily routine.

Now it is possible to do both steps in a single session due to advanced techniques and modern instruments. Single or multiple missing teeth can be replaced in the same visit.  Even the badly decayed teeth can be removed and replaced with fixed implant-supported teeth in the same visit.  Dr. Patel will thoroughly plan your treatment using three-dimensional CT scans and virtual implant placement software. Your teeth will be fabricated using this software and advanced CT guide.


Teeth in a day simplify the whole procedure and you can walk out with the teeth and have light dinner the same night.

Are you the candidate for teeth in one-day procedure? It depends upon the number of teeth to be replaced, your dental health, amount of remaining bone, type of teeth to be replaced and many other factors.

Please contact our office 925 679 3333 to schedule consultation.

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